Same man insults N1 TV Belgrade reporter twice in a month


BELGRADE, 27.05.2020. – A man has twice in a month approached N1 TV Belgrade reporter Dusan Mladjenovic, insulted him and calling him a traitor.

“Shame on you, man. Are you a Shiptar (an Albanian in Albanian, but pejorative in Serbian), or balija (pejorative for Bosniaks) when you work with that treacherous American TV? Who is paying you,” the man asked Mladjenovic the first time they met.

On Tuesday, they met again, and the man again yelled at Mladjenovic, this time in front of the journalist’s child.

“You dropped (an opposition leader Dragan) Djilas’ Euro 1,000! Tell me, are you a Shiptar when you work with that treacherous TV? You should be ashamed,” the man said.

An N1’a lawyer will launch a procedure and send it to the Working Group for Journalists’ Safety.

The Association of Serbia’s Journalists called on the police to find out who harassed the N1’s reporter, and on the prosecutors to start the procedure against the man, adding that “something like that could lead to jeopardising the safety of the journalists.”

N1, Belgrade, 27/05/2020