Srzentic: With the dialog to greater protection of the media community

PODGORICA, 03.01.2020. – The Minister of Public Administration, Digital Society and Media, Tamara Srzentić, said that she is aware of the complaints of the civil sector to the Law on Free Access to Information, but also that she is especially interested in protecting sources, the Fund for Encouraging Pluralism and Media Diversity and future media strategies.

In an interview with “Vijesti”, she said that she will consider the proposals of the civil society regarding the amendments to the Law on Free Access to Information.

“These issues are widely debated in other countries around the world. Together, we need to come up with solutions that provide transparency that benefits citizens and the economy and best protects the interests of the state, not individuals. Together, we will pass a law that will enable citizens to be real controllers of government bodies and provide full transparency that is beneficial to citizens and the community. This Law is our strategic imperative and we will build capacities within each ministry that will be provided with support, tools and training so that they can respond to the requests of citizens in an efficient way,” she said in an interview with “Vijesti”.

She also announced an imminent invitation to the media community and others interested in improvement in the field of media, and possible re-amendments to the Law on Media.

“The media community in Montenegro must be protected as much as a democratic state can provide,” she said.

Vijesti, Podgorica, 03/01/2021