The Government of Montenegro prepared protection measures for journalists

PODGORICA, 17.03.2020. – The Government of Montenegro has introduced new measures to protect the health of journalists  regarding the corona virus pandemic.

Due to the threat of the spread of corona virus, and the obligation of the media to abide by rules that imply as minimized social contact as possible, and the obligation to ensure transparency to the fullest extent possible, Government have laid down procedures and rules to satisfy all of the above.

“1. Press conferences regarding all aspects of the prevention of the spread of corona virus and the activities of governmental bodies in this regard shall be held at the amphitheater of the Institute of Public Health.

2. The Public Service Radio and Television of Montenegro (RTCG) has installed and tested equipment for direct transmission of all events at the Institute.

3. The Broadcasting Center allowed all radio and television stations to receive RTCG TV signals. Commercial broadcasters with national coverage tried out the system and it turned out that the was functional. Other televisions may receive the signal in same a way as signal of the session of the Parliament of Montenegro.

4. The Government’s Public Relations Service, in cooperation with the Ministry of Public Administration, will set up a platform through which journalists will be able to ask questions in real time or during press conferences – as if they were on site.

5. The Public Relations Service of the Government of Montenegro and the Public Health Institute are estimated to broadcast some events live via social networks and platforms such as Youtube, Facebook, etc.

6. In addition to the above, the Public Relations Service of the Government of Montenegro will record events and make photographs and videos available to the media.

7. The PR team that coordinates the Government’s communications will strive to meet to the greatest extent the demands of the media for guest appearances and interviews, but we ask for an understanding of the situation which is not common”, the Government said.

They stated that they would inform the media in the shortest possible time about all the technical aspects of the above.

TUMM, Podgorica, 17/03/2020