The SDT will finally file an indictment for shorting a journalist


PODGORICA, 7.11.2021 – The Special State Prosecutor’s Office (SDT) managed to collect evidence on who organized and who shot the journalist Olivera Lakic, Vijesti Television has published.

According to their information, the SDT will file an indictment in the coming days, in which Filip Knezevic will be marked as the person who shot at Lakic on May 8, 2018.

In addition to Knezevic, the list of indictees will allegedly include Goran Rakocevic, Luka Bulatovic, Filip Besovic and Vesko Bubanja.

Filip Besovic was originally identified as the perpetrator of this crime.

“The suspect and the organizer of this criminal group, F.B.   with certain members of his group, on May 8, 2018, followed the injured Olivera Lakic from the moment she left the editorial office of the daily newspaper Vijesti, to her apartment located in Bulevar Sveti Petar Cetinjski, where he waited for her to get out of the vehicle and head towards the entrance of the building, in order to approach her and insidiously inflict severe bodily injury in the area of ​​his right leg with a pistol of an unknown brand, “said Milovan Pavicevic, head of the Podgorica Security Center earlier.

Representatives of the police and the prosecution more than two years ago also assured that Besovic’s group was responsible for the murder of Miodrag Kruscic.

At the same time, Besovic denied in an open letter that he had anything to do with the injury of Olivera Lakic.

Almost a year later, the public learned that the criminal group did not plan to stop only at wounding the journalist, but also planned her liquidation.

“According to the prosecution’s evidence, their motive is to prevent the journalist from investigating criminal organizations on the territory of Montenegro and their connections with criminal groups from the region,” stated Sasa Cadjenovic, special prosecutor at December 25, 2020.

The testimony of Bajram Pista, an associate witness who allegedly told prosecutors that the suspects in the murder of the journalist, offered him 200,000 euros because she “saw a notebook”, allegedly helped in resolving this case.

According to that statement, Vesko Bubanja told Pista in prison that Olivera Lakic “saw something she didn’t need”, which is why he started following her where she was going, taking photos, and sending everything to the suspect, Filip Knezević as well.

In addition, Vesko Bubanja told the associate witness that Filip Besovic was the driver, that he followed Olivera Lakic and that he informed Filip Knezevic of the time and moment when there will be an opportunity that she’s alone and to approach her unhindered. After that, Filip Knezevic approached Olivera Lakic from behind and shot her in the leg. Bubanja allegedly said that Knezevic used a pistol which does not throw the shell casings out.