PODGORICA, May 26, 2022 – Montenegrin televisions mostly broadcast film and TV series programs, as well as news content, while there is little content intended for children, and there is a lack of documentary and educational programs, the monitoring of the Agency for Electronic Media of Montenegro (AEM) showed.

The analysis of the program structure of TV broadcasters with national coverage was done on the basis of data obtained by monitoring the program content broadcasted in the period from 11 to 17 April 2022. The following television programs were observed: TVCG1, TVCG2, Parliamentary Channel, TV Nova M, TV Prva, TV Vijesti, TV Adria and Gradska TV.

“By type of content, the film and series program dominates, on average 38% of the total broadcasted content. The news program occupies a significant place in the total broadcasted program, on average about 25% (TVCG1 – 47%, Gradska TV – 44%, TV Vijesti – 30% , Parliamentary – 20%, TV Nova M – 20%, TV Prva – 19%, TV Adria – 13%, TVCG2 – 4%). In addition to classic news programs and service information, this group of content also includes morning programs, magazines, as well as talk shows, ”the AEM report states.

There is very little content for children on all televisions, just over one percent of the program. On Gradska TV and TV Vijesti, it is about three percent of the broadcasted program, while in the programs of TVCG1, TVCG2 and TV Prva it represents about one percent. TV Nova M and TV Adria did not broadcast any content for children in the observed period.

“The documentary-educational program averages less than four percent of the total broadcasted program. Most of these types of programs are broadcasted by TVCG1 (11%), and the least by TV Prva and TV Nova M (1% each),” the report states.

AEM notes that one daily news program in Albanian was broadcasted on the monitored television programs, as well as one daily news program specifically adapted for persons with disabilities, while there was no content in Romani.

The report states that televisions with national coverage, on average, produced about 26 percent of their own programs, mostly TVCG1 (53%) and Gradska TV (43%), and the least Parliamentary Channel and TV Nova M (11% each).