Violence against female journalists in the world is on the rise

The Coalition For Women In Journalism documented at least 81 cases of threats and violence against  women journalists across the world during the month of August.

From arrests and detentions to physical assaults and online harassment, the different types of cases identified in August made up approximately 20.7% of those documented during this year altogether. The Coalition documented at least 26 detentions in different countries around the world, 14 cases of attacks and impediments in the field, 12 women journalists were injured in the Beirut blasts, four cases of online harassment, four cases of women journalists being threatened with violence, five women journalists had legal charges pressed against them, and three were ripped off their accreditation in Belarus.

Also, they identified three sexual harassment cases, three cases of racial discrimination and harassment, two women journalists were arrested on different occasions, two were subjected to physical assault, and also documented three different cases involving state oppression, sexism, and a journalist being expelled for their work.

In August, Belarus, Lebanon and Pakistan were one of the most impacted countries where women journalists’ safety was at risk.

The full report is available HERE.

BHN, Sarajevo, 07/09/2020