Youth from seven political parties against hate speech

Sarajevo, 14.01.2020. – The Boris Divkovic Foundation organized a training in Sarajevo as part of the “Insult Gallery – A Wall of Shame in Public Discourse” project. The training participants were young people from seven political parties, brought together by a common goal to raise awareness of violent extremism, hate speech and cyber bulling.

Young people discussed hate speech in the public sphere, misuse of the media and how to combat hate speech on social networks with Lejla Turcilo, a professor at the Faculty of Political Science, University of Sarajevo.

Racism, sexism, hate speech against minorities and the relationship with religions were the topics of the lecture by Alen Kristic, an external associate of the Boris Divkovic Foundation.

During the training, young people were also learning how to combat hate speech on digital platforms, looking for examples of hate speech, but also spoke with lawyers about the path from idea to legal filing, reports

The aim of the project is to teach participants about the consequences of using online platforms negatively and to raise awareness of violent extremism, hate speech and cyber bullying through a digital campaign and education.

It also aims to educate young leaders and activists from both the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Republika Srpska about the importance of combating violent extremism and to learn the differences between free speech and hate speech., Sarajevo, 14/01/2020