AJK welcomes the indictment for the attack on Gazeta Online Insajderi

PRISTINA, 25.08.2020 – Association of Journalists of Kosovo (AJK), welcomes the decision of the Basic Prosecution in Pristina to file an indictment against the suspect, Ardian Alaj, for three serious criminal offenses related to the attack on the online newspaper Insajderi, as well as an warrant for the arrest of another suspect, Florim Alaj.

This indictment was filed on August 13th, but it was made public today. The indictment charges the suspects, Ardian Alaj and Florim Alaj, with the criminal offenses; “Breaking into computer systems”, “Self-judgment” and “Misuse of trust”.

“Starting from 20.04. 2020, continuously, the defendant Ardian Alaj in co-perpetration with the defendant Florim Alaj, have arbitrarily exercised the right that they claim to belong to them in the way that the defendant Florim Alaj, from Switzerland, as he was maintaining the portal network in the technological aspects, for which the defendant Ardian Alaj was authorized as the network maintainer in Prishtina for this portal, initially warned the damaged parties that they would remove them and then fulfilled this action in the above-mentioned date where they illegally removed the damaged party Vehbi Kajtazi and Parim Olluri and other employees from the domain www.insajderi.com ”, it is stated in the indictment.

AJK welcomes the filing of the indictment against the suspects for the attack on insajderi.com, whereas a result 43 journalists were in danger of losing their jobs.

Therefore, AJK urges the justice authorities to treat with priority and seriousness the cases where journalists are involved, in the first place to guarantee free and independent media reporting in Kosovo, as well as to guarantee the development of democracy in the country.

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