AJK condemns the derogatory language of MP Artan Abrashi against the portal “Albanian Post”


Artan Abrashi of Vetvendosje, the ruling party’s MP, used derogatory language today against the “Albanian Post” portal, right after the release of an article warning of probable sanctions against Prime Minister Albin Kurti and others regarding the situation in the north. “Euronews Albania” reported a similar report.

“Sanishic’s Albanian portal writes about sanctions against Kosovo. Its name is Albanian, but it has nothing to do with Albania,”, the MP stated on Facebook.

The Association of Journalists of Kosovo strongly condemns Abrashi’s statement and considers that such labeling jeopardizes the safety of all journalists and other media workers.

AJK calls on Prime Minister Kurti to distance himself from such attacks against the media and journalists by members of the government and the ruling party.