Pink TV owner to REM: Bans only inspire me

Source/Author: N1

Owner of Pink TV Zeljko Mitrovic responded on X (formerly Twitter) to the Regulatory Authority for Electronic media (REM) Council’s Monday statement on the airing of artificial intelligence-generated content.

„REM set a civilizational precedent yesterday and banned AI satire on Pink TV, I believe this ban applies not only to crazy Zeks’ (Zeljko Mitrovic’s nickname) satire , but also to the potential AI satire of (Serbian writer) Stevan Sremac, (Serbian playwright) Branislav Nusic and other free-spirited people, who certainly, in different epochs, scared and frightened many! Never mind, there are so many things planned that bans only inspire me! In addition to developing technology that the world will learn about only in 3 to 6 months’ time, I decided to reply to REM and (REM Council chair) Olivera Zekic in a way that will make them realize that no ban can prevent the speed of the technological TV and video AI revolution, in which I am currently one of the world leaders! So, if all of you are now scared, fly me to the moon, like in this song, so that you can relax nicely in the atmosphere of the Inquisition and Middle Ages, because that’s definitely better for us who definitely don’t belong to this gloomy and repressive era,” Mitrovic posted along with an edited video of him singing a Frank Sinatra song.

REM Council chief Olivera Zekic said in an open letter that Mitrovic has to realize that the REM is there to set boundaries and will continue to do so. “The use of the latest technologies has to be controlled and with purpose which you, with your center for the development of digital virtual video technologies know very well just as you know that, despite playing God, the rules and procedures have to be the same even for you,” she said.

The REM Council said Monday that the airing of content produced using artificial intelligence in entertainment, documentary, educational and other programs should also contain a visible notice that it is an artificial intelligence-generated program.

The notice should be displayed before, throughout and at the end of the AI-generated program, said REM.