eLearning Course on Digital Safety of Female Journalists


Impunity for crimes against journalists remains a global concern. Acknowledging the increasing number of attacks against female journalists online, we at the Communication and Media Relations Unit of the OSCE Mission to Skopje, developed a self-paced eLearning course to help female media professionals develop their digital safety approaches, crucial for staying safe online.

The eLearning course focuses on specific challenges journalists face online and offline, including threats, hate speech, harassment, intimidation, slander and other associated risks journalists encounter while doing their jobs. Moreover, the learning sessions communicate effective ways to prevent and address attacks as well as psychological stress associated with them, inclusive of COVID-19 challenges.

Despite being primarily aimed at addressing concerns of female journalists, the course is also useful for male journalists facing potential security challenges online. Upon course completion, the journalists will be able to better understand and to improve their digital security habits, follow safe practices as well as plan a response to possible incidents.

The course was created as a sustainable resource hosted on the OSCE Secretariat’s eLearning platform, and is developed in English, Macedonian, and Albanian. Aside from being developed for journalists and media workers in North Macedonia, it is also designed for international use.

The course is offered in three languages on the following links: