The SSP rejected the report on the investigation into the murder of Dusko Jovanovic

PODGORICA, 23.05.2019. – After a detailed investigation involving the Italian authorities and forensics from Visbaden and Danilovgrad, the Special State Prosecutor dismissed as an unsubstantiated report made by a private detective in connection with the investigation into the murder of Dusko Jovanovic. That was said from the Prosecutor’s Office to daily newspaper Dan.

Based on all the evidence collected and the checks carried out, as has been announced, there is no basis for suspicion that the persons who are mentioned in the report of the detective as organizers and helpers participated in the murder of the editor of the Dan.

The detective who made the report requested that through international legal assistance compare the DNA of Italian citizens who allegedly participated in the murder of Jovanovic with traces that were found on a rifle that was flown to Visbaden.

According to the order of the Special State Prosecutor’s Office of February 12, a DNA expert report was submitted to that body.

“After analyzing that reports, as well as all of so far collected data and evidence, it was assessed that there is no reasonable doubt that Guzepe Gordano, Antonio Prikoko and Giole Carmelo Manjola, who are designated as direct perpetrators in the detective report, have committed the criminal offense of Serious Murder as well as other criminal offenses for which prosecution is undertaken no official duty,” the prosecution has said.

As they added, neither the allegations about the organizers and the aides mentioned in the report did not establish the facts that would indicate the suspicion that those persons participated in the murder of Jovanovic in any way.

The expert from Visbaden Martin Ekert confirmed at the trial that the traces of Damir Mandic, who were so far only sentenced in the case of Jovanovic’s murder, were found on a rifle that was found in the “golf 3” from which Jovanovic was fired.

The Montenegrin Court of Appeals two years ago confirmed the verdict of the Higher Court in Podgorica, condemning Mandic to 19 years in prison for executing association in the murder of Jovanovic.

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