Serbian media watchdog launches proceedings against pro-regime TV

Source/Author: N1/FoNet
Source/Photo: Photo: N1

BELGRADE, 14.06.2019. – Serbia’s electronic media watchdog has launched proceedings against the pro-regime TV Pink for airing erotic and violent content.

The Council of the Regulatory Body for Electronic Media (REM) decided to launch the proceedings over scenes of violence aired in the Zadruga reality show, a statement on the REM web site said.

It added that the Amidzi Show aired erotic content “at an un-permited time” as well as content which included an inappropriate performance of the national anthem.

Both instances were violations of the law on electronic media, regulations on personal dignity and on protecting the rights of minors, the REM said.

The statement did not specify the consequences of the proceedings.

The REM has been criticized in the past for allegedly favoring pro-regime media.