15 months in prison for the person who attacked a journalist in Croatia


SKOPJE, 07.03.2018 – The person Nenad Šajnović, who physically attacked the journalist of Croatian TV Nova TV, Emma Branica, was sentenced by the Court in Bjelovar to a 15-month prison sentence. The attack took place on 16 September 2017, near Garešnica, while recording the TV show „Verified“ (Provjereno“).

The attacker got 7 months imprisonment for threatening and 9 months for causing serious injuries in an attempt. The verdicts were accumulated into 15 months of imprisonment.

The attacker’s sister Ana Šajnović, was convicted to 6 months (suspended sentence) for threatening and to 30 days of imprisonment for disturbing law and order as well as to 1000 kunas for court expenses.

The regional platform condemned the attack against the journalist and called the authorities to inspect the case and protect the journalists.

You can see the video of the attack here.

АЈМ, Skopje, 07/03/2018