AJK reacts against commission’s initiative to draft a media law

Kosovo's Parliament | Photo by:http://www.kuvendikosoves.org/

PRISTINA, 08/05/2018 – The Kosovo’s Parliament commission on public administration, local governance and media stated to have taken an initiative to draft a media law.

Association of Journalists of Kosovo was not informed by the commission about this legal initiative and it is not aware of the purpose of the law that would rule the field of media in Kosovo.

Non-inclusion in consultations at early stages of relevant stakeholders that deal with protection of rights and freedoms of journalists, and other self-regulation bodies that cover other fields of media in Kosovo, we consider that this is a political tendency to control, limit and breach of freedom of expression.

AJK in principle opposes any legislative initiative by any institution that previously does not consult with stakeholders and does not disclose the reasons for the purpose of drafting a law, in this case the Law on Media in Kosovo.

Kosovo has a wide range of positive laws that clearly and fairly regulate many areas that directly relate to freedom of expression, but what is lacking is the political and institutional will to implement these laws.

Therefore, we encourage all the institutions of the country that before starting any initiatives to draft new laws, to engage fully in the implementation of current laws, because their implementation inevitably affects the creation of a safe journalistic environment and the growth professionalism in media.

Association of Journalists of Kosovo, Pristina, 09/05/2018