Insurance – an unexplored area for journalists

BRČKO, BANJA LUKA, SARAJEVO, MOSTAR, 27.10.2018.- “When it comes to financial literacy, citizens are much more concerned about what they sign when they open accounts in banks and take credit cards than they did a few years ago. However, it’s still a challenge for an ordinary citizen to approach such an important area as insurance, ” was concluded on the Workshop “How to Report on Insurance”.

“Due to insufficient information, most citizens do not understand the significance of insurance and therefore finds that there is no need for insurance products” – says Naris Bošnjović from UNIQA Insurance, adding that the key problem is the lack of a culture of insurance or the lack of knowledge of all the benefits of this activity.

For both the citizens and journalists, the insurance area has not been sufficiently explored and a small number of media professionals are dealing with this topic, so there are almost no articles that provide high quality, informative and educational content. Citizens do not have enough information and are not aware of all the benefits and benefits of insurance, both for themselves and for the economy and economy of the state, and are often denied for analytical and objective information regarding current news from domestic and foreign insurance markets, and opinions of experts and experts from insurance companies.

Mirsad Pehilj, editor-in-chief of, agrees with the fact that insurance as a region has the potential for investigative journalism and that journalistic content created for the purpose of presenting insurance as a real need of every citizen and business entity, helped to affirm this area in our country.

Due to insufficient knowledge of the insurance area, the main goal of organizing the workshop is to improve the knowledge of journalists and editors about the significance of insurance for citizens and legal entities, using the correct terminology, that is, opening up a special topic that would bh media should deal with public interest.

Workshop in Mostar is the fourth in a series organized by the BH Journalists Association, under the auspices of UNIQA Insurance in Bosnia and Herzegovina, while the rest were held in Brčko, Banja Luka and Sarajevo.

BHN, Sarajevo, 27/10/2018