Threats against media outlets and organizations , Portal Kvaka, Pale, 13.07.2018.

Vial Facebook  inbox messages the online portal received messages containing curses and threats to the editor in cheef from certain Seada Sakić .

Contry BH
Name and Surname Portal Kvaka
Gender Group
Date 13/07/2018
City / Location Pale, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Type of incident Threats against media outlets and organizations
By whom To journalists by citizens
Name of the perpetrator Sead Sakić
Type of media online
Media name Portal Kvaka
Source Portal Kvaka
Public prosecutor Investigation
Judiciary status On going In September, 28th, the inspector contacted us and asked for contact information from the portal's editor-in-chief to conduct a hearing in connection with the mentioned threats.
Was journalist`s association informed Yes
What was journalists' association reaction Free Media Help Line gave legal advice. Also, FMHL send on official letter to the police, for the m to to declare whether they are familiar with the threats and what actions will be taken.