Useful digital tools for working from home

Source/Author: AJM

SKOPJE, 26.03.2020 – The situation in which we are right now requires avoiding contact with other people, working from home and using digital tools in carrying out our daily professional duties.

In order to help your communication and simplify the work from home, we decided to share with you some useful programs/applications recommended by the Online News Association.

  1. For easier communication with your colleagues and share the daily tasks you can use one of the following apps: BasecampAsana or Slack.
  2. For video conferencing you can use the apps: ZoomJitsi or Google Meet/Hangouts.
  3. For easier management of documents you can use: Google docs or Microsoft Office 365.
  4. If you use an unsecured internet connection you can use VPN or password applications. For this purpose we recommend: TunnelBear or LastPass.
  5. In order to save documents on the Internet you can use: Drop Box or Google Drive.
  6. If you need to connect to your work computer from home, then we recommend the application Anydesk.


Photo by freestocks on Unsplash