Zinaida Djelilovic received direct threats from Adnan Cakalovic, senior expert associate of the Sector for Refugees and Displaced Persons at the Ministry of Human Rights and Refugees of BiH. The case has been reported to the police and journalist Djelilovic gave her statement to the police.

Journalist Valon Syla was physically assaulted today. In a video that went viral on social media, there is footage of Valon Syla being punched by an unknown person.

Regarding the case, AJK has contacted Kosovo Police who has confirmed to have accepted the information about the attach towards the journalist.

“At around 12:05 PM, we have been informed that the journalist was attacked in Pejton neighborhood. The Police unit arrived at the scene and contacted the journalist via phone, where he claimed that he doesn’t need medical treatment at the moment. We are working towards gathering further information” said Baki Kelani, the KP spokesperson.

The Association of Journalists of Kosovo – AJK, harshly condemns the physical attack towards the journalist Valon Syla. AJK calls upon the competent bodies to investigate the motifes of this attack and to shed light over this case, for which is a threat towards free speech and media.

Each attack on journalists is an attack towards free speech and democracy.


Updates: The suspect reported to the police accompanied by a lawyer, was interviewed and put under 48-hour detention.

An unknown man called the editorial office of this media from an unknown telephone number, and in a threatening voice asked them to close the office earlier, saying that “everyone will be dead today”. The case is reported to the police.

Columnists and bloggers Dragan Bursac and Srdjan Puhalo reported serious threats to the Free Media Help Line which they received via social media during the election campaign in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

At the entrance to the building where Domagoj Margetić lives, the neighbors are on the morning of December 8, 2020. found feces and a severed pig’s head. As no one lives in the building to whom this would be a message except Margetić as a journalist (and similar things have already happened and were addressed to him), the journalist reported this as a threat to the police.

Anja Kozul, journalist of the “Novosti”, Croatian and Serbian-language weekly published by the Serb National Council (SNV) in Croatia, has been subjected to a smear campaign and a surge of insults by the Serbian paramilitary unit founder, his followers and some Serbian media. Kozul has been targeted for her article about Arnaud Gouillon, a former member of the French extreme right-wing Islamophobic organization “Identitarian Bloc” and a new official appointed by the Serbian Government.

On December 1, Kozul published an article entitled “From an Islamophobe to a state official” that deals with Arnaud Gouillon appointment as a Head of the Directorate for Cooperation with the Diaspora and Serbs in the region in the Serbian Government. Arnaud Gouillon, a former member of “Identitarian Bloc” moved to Serbia in 2004 and advocated for Serbs who live in Kosovo.

After the text was published, Dragoslav Bokan, the founder of the Serbian paramilitary unit “White Eagles”, used Facebook to target Kozul. Some of his posts include: “It simply cannot and will not pass without consequences. Remember her face forever and don’t let her play a Serbian woman after this” and “She is our enemy, a freak and a traitor, the poorest one – who does everything she is told for a handful of kunas, in all poses and whenever her bosses from the chess quasi-state want her”. Bokan also wrote that Kozul should be banned from entering Serbia and that her crime can’t go unpunished. These messages triggered a surge of insulting comments and threats against Kozul.

Journalists from Slobodna Dalmacija and the Zadarski.hr portal wrote about a wedding in Slivnica Gornja held despite the measures of the National civil protection headquarters, which banned wedding ceremonies. As soon as the story was published, two middle-aged men with surgical masks on their faces entered the premises of the Slobodna Dalmacija correspondent office in Zadar, on 1st December around 12h. One of them called the journalists vultures and threatened to “kill and slaughter like kittens” all those who wrote about the wedding. After that, they both left the editorial office, saying that they would return after visiting the editorial office of Zadarski list.

The member of the Democratic League of Kosovo – LDK , Melihate Tërmkolli, used offensive and threatening language towards the journalist of Television 7, Arsim Lani.

Tërmkolli through an electronic message, called the journalist “junk” and “impudent”, because as the journalist told AJK, Tërmkolli was not previously notified about the other guest in the studio. In addition to the insults, she also threatened Lani, telling him that “he will pay for the effort and the cold she got to go there” that, according to her, he caused.

The Association of Journalists of Kosovo – AJK, through a public release has condemned the denigrating and threatening language towards the journalist, Arsim Lani. AJK calls on political officials to recognize the role of journalists in a democratic society and to refrain from insulting them.

Cameraman of TV Vijesti Drago Matović submitted a report to the Budva Security Center on June 27, 2020. against an unknown security worker of the Municipality of Budva due to a rough eviction from the premises of the Municipality on 25.06.2020.

The police identified the worker, met the prosecutor from Kotor, who stated that there were no elements of a criminal act in that act.