During a press conference on February 14 this year, member of the BiH Presidency Milorad Dodik verbally attacked BNTV journalist Vladimir Kovacevic, calling him and the media he works for “traitors.”
At a special session of the National Assembly of Republika Srpska on February 26 in Banja Luka, Dodik publicly called the portal Klix.ba a “hostile media” for Republika Srpska.

The representative of Republika Srpska in Russia Dusko Perovic made open threats to Capital’s editorial board and editor-in-chief Sinisa Vukelic for publishing the story about Russian investor Rasid Serdarov and the company “Comsar Energy”.

In a phone call to the newsroom, Perovic threatened that he would “close” the Capital portal himself if editor Sinisa Vukelic once again wrote anything about the work of “Comsar Energy”, stressed that the portal would quickly “be done with” and that editor Vukelic should “better move to Mars”. These threats were recorded on an audio recording.

Verbal threats and insults against journalist Almedina Ismajli.

Portal N1 je 28. januara u dva navrata bio meta sajber napada zbog čega nekoliko sati nije bilo moguće čitati vesti na sajtu ni na aplikaciji. Prvobitno se dogodio plaćeni DDoS napad iz Kine, koji je trajao od ranih jutarnjih časova, a nakon stabilizacije rada portala ponovo je oko 14 časova došlo do iste vrste napada. 29. i 30. januara napadi su se nastavili, pa je novi napad usledio 30. januara oko 11:30h. DDoS su napadi sa više hiljada računara kojima je cilj da dovedu do preopterećenja veb servera, mreže ili nekog drugog dela infrastrukture i tako onemoguće pristup njihovim korisnicima

13 January 2020 journalists Drazen Zivkovic and Gojko Raicevic were detained because they published the explosion at the official state-owned residential villa Gorica in Podgorica. Police later denied this, stating that there was no explosion, but some failure in the wiring. Montenegrin police and the prosecution claim that Raicevic and Zivkovic, who were released after the hearing, caused panic and disorder with that article. The portals on which they are editors (In4S and Borba) immediately conveyed the police denial of the controversial news.

Andjela Djikanovic was detained 05 January 2020. and retained for up to 72 hours on suspicion of committing the crime of panic and disorder after she published that 250 members of ROSU, a special Kosovo unit, would be available to Montenegrin police on Christmas Eve. The news was soon denied by the Government of Montenegro. FOS Media, a portal whose editor-in-chief is Djikanovic, withdrew that information about an hour after the disputed news was published and apologized for its publication. January 6th she was released to defend herself from freedom. The same day, FOS published a statement saying that Djikanović had been dismissed as editor-in-chief for a “serious professional error.”

Photojournalist of Faktor.ba portal Muhidin Zivojevic was verbally attacked by an unknown man while standing in a public parking lot and photographing the arrival of a Sarajevo Canton Assembly MP’s in session.

The man approached to Zivojevic and with curses, threats and nudges demanded that he stop filming. The attacker introduced himself as a person from the “Canton Government” although he did not have any accreditation, he unsuccessfully tried to provoke the reaction of the nearby police, eventually returning to Zivojevic and telling him that he would “remember” him.

Emil Jakimovski made threats and insults to journalist Iskra Korveshovska.

Emil Jakimovski made threats and insults to journalist and deputy editor of “A1on” Meri Jordanovska. According to messages published by Jordanovska, the threatening person insulted her by threatening to “make her obituary”.