AGK concerned with the publication of unverified news

Prishtina, 31st May 2019. The Association of Journalist of Kosovo follows up on the concerns reported in “online media” on Roma woman, who was attracted in the city of Ferizaj.

The AGK expresses its concern over the publication of fake news that has consequences like in the case of a woman who was reported to be “dangerous” and “kidnaps children”.

The Association of Kosovo Journalists emphasizes that this form of reporting is a violation of human rights and contrary to professional journalism standards and the Code of Ethics.

AGK seeks colleagues, who in sensitive cases like this one, but also in other cases adhere to respect professional criteria and ethics of journalism, to initially investigate the facts, contact the responsible authorities and then post the news.

Likewise, AGK understands the role of online media to deliver quick information with sensational content, often under some sort of commercial pressure, but this does not imply failure to respect basic principles of the profession, and that journalists have a responsibility towards their audience’s.

We believe that this concern will be understood clearly and fairly by all colleagues and will help in an environment, which should be more professional reporting, including online media.

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