Western Balkans Journalists’ Safety Index

The Safe Journalists Index is an annual ranking of countries compiled and published by Safe Journalists experts based upon the organisation's own assessment of the countries' press freedom records in the previous year.

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The Western Balkans’ Journalists’ Safety Index (WB-JSI) is a research-grounded tool designed to measure and monitor the changes in the respective social and political environments of the WB countries, that have direct or indirect impact on the safety of journalists and media actors while practicing their profession. Based on the research evidence, the following four dimensions are assessed:

    • Legal and organisational environment – the existence and implementation of legal safeguards relevant for the safety of journalists

    • Due Prevention– the existence and implementation of a range of preventative measures that have direct effects on journalists’ protection and safety;

    • Due Process – the behaviour of state institutions and public officials towards journalists and the efficiency of the criminal and civil justice system concerning the investigations of threats and acts of violence against journalists;

    • Actual Safety – incidents and instances of various forms of threats and acts of violence against journalists and media.