Free information from MIA for internet portals

Source/Author: AJM

SKOPJE, 19.09.2017 – The Macedonian Information Agency in cooperation with the Association of Journalists of Macedonia and the Council of Media Ethics of Macedonia (CMEM) meet the needs of the web portals for reporting on the upcoming elections.

At today’s joint press conference, MIA’s first man, Dragan Antonovski, announced that all internet media that will respect the Code of Journalists of Macedonia and the Declaration for Ethical Reporting will receive free access to all MIA information for Macedonia in the next three months. The idea is to improve professional journalistic standards.

“In order to improve, in order to stop the propaganda, misinformation and false news, all portals that want to transmit accurate and verified information can be our users free of charge”, stressed the director of MIA, Antonovski.

The first people of CMEM and AJM, Marina Tuneva and Naser Selmani welcomed this initiative of MIA. “The joint message we send today is that we urge the media to act as pillars of the public interest and to work in accordance with the highest journalistic standards,” said Tuneeva.

We welcome and support the offer from MIA, says Selmani, because it is in line with the efforts of the AJM for objective and professional reporting. In his opinion, in this way, self-regulation in the media will be stimulated and an ambience will be created in which non-professional journalists will be marked and isolated. “

All interested web portals in order to receive free access to news will need to apply to MIA so they can gain access to their service.