AJM with the initiative to help print media

Source/Author: AJM
Source/Photo: AJM

SKOPJE 01.08.2017 – “On July 21, representatives of print media, members of AJM, such as weekly newspapers Focus and Capital, as well as the daily newspapers Lajm, Koha, Nova Makedonija, Sloboden pechat and Makedonija sport attended a meeting organised by the AJM in the Club of Journalists.

At this meeting, the best practices for subsidizing printed media in the region and beyond were discussed. Subsidizing of media as a topic was imposed by the AJM in response to the problems faced by the print and local media due to the emergence of the Internet and social networks, which adversely affects their existence on the market. We have always opposed the government’s involvement in media financing through government ads, as it affects free market and editorial policies. However, various forms of subsidizing the most affected media, with clear and transparent criteria, are present everywhere in the countries of the European Union.

The participants on this meetings reqested that future consultative meetings ought to be held under the auspices of MIOA, as the competent statebody for media policies in the Republic of Macedonia. At this request, AJM responded with a letter to MIOA, asking Minister Mancevski to consider the possibility of establishing an expert working group within the ministry, that, besides the representatives of the newspapers and the AJM, should consist of experts from the professional services of the MIOA. On these meetings, forms of subsidizing printed media at national and local level will be discussed, such as: tax incentives, discounts on certain public services, subsidies for paper and printing, and direct forms of assistance for investigative journalism.

Due to time constrains, AJM insisted that this meeting be set up as soon as possible, before the media reforms are discussed in the Assembly.

All members of the AJM will be additionally informed about the conclusions that will arise from these meetings.