After N1, Nova, “Worthy of Serbia” members also gather outside Danas

Source/Author: N1, Danas

Members of the “Worthy of Serbia” movement, who recently protested in front of N1 and offices, gathered Tuesday outside the daily Danas offices, blocking the traffic on the street.

“The Provisional Assembly of the People Worthy of Serbia” parked a truck with a sound system outside the building, said Danas, adding that its members unfurled flags and played songs.

This movement recently also disrupted the work of other media outlets operating within United Media, while they say they assembled outside Danas because it does not write the truth.

Movement members told Danas reporters and editor Draza Petrovic that they did not come to disrupt them, but because Danas never reports on their activities.

Asked if they lodged a notification of intention to hold a public gathering with the Ministry of Internal Affairs, they said they do not recognize those institutions, because the only true Assembly is the one they declared two years ago.