AJK: Prime Minister be Cooperative not Offensive!

Source/Author: Association of Journalist of Kosovo
Source/Photo: AJK logo

PRISTINA, 13/09/2017 – Association of Journalists of Kosovo is disappointed with the statements of Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj who putted in doubt the professionalism of journalists on Tuesday’s press conference continuing ironically not to respond to a question.

AJK considers that action of the Prime Minister is unacceptable, while statements of him represent insult towards journalists of the country.

Convinced by this statement of the new Prime Minister, we remind that the mission of journalists is to ask questions whenever they need answers while the content of the question cannot be controlled by anyone.

On this occasion, AJK asks Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj to be collaborative with journalists and to work intensively on enhancing media co-operation and transparency of the government.

With respect,
Board of the KJA