AJK condemns the attack by the Vushtrri’s imam against Insajderi’s team


The AJK has been informed that a crew from the “Insajderi” portal was attacked in Vushtrri by a local imam.

According to journalist Preniqi’s statement, Imam Halili physically attacked her after hearing the question.

“Hoxha turns to me yelling, ‘Get out of here quickly. He grabs my arm, squeezes it, and pulls me about a meter away. He refers to me with the words “One of those you are asking is you too,” she stated, adding that Halili attempted to attack her with a tiny stool even after the police came.

The AJK considers the physical attack against the journalist team to be serious and unacceptable since it jeopardized their safety and hindered the development of their professional work. Even though the attack kept going in the presence of police, the imam was released after being questioned as per the prosecutor’s orders.

AJK urges the authorities to prioritize the investigation and charge the person who physically assaulted the journalists.