AJK condemns the denigrating campaign of the Municipality of Pristina against journalist Saranda Ramaj and KTV


The Association of Journalists of Kosovo has been closely following the campaign initiated by the leadership of the Municipality of Prishtina against journalist Saranda Ramaj and KTV television. This campaign is in response to the publication of a series of land-exchange articles.

In a series of interviews, Mayor Pëparim Rama has accused KOHA of “disinformation”, while the Director of Urban Planning in the Municipality of Prishtina, Doruntina Maloku, has also made serious accusations.

Maloku attacked the KOHA group several times during the decision’s annulment hearing, saying, “Does this mean that there was an interest in passing this point or only after it was made public by certain media for purposes that serve group political and business interests.”

Meanwhile, some newly created Facebook profiles have posted derogatory posts against journalist Ramaj, while defending Rama and the Municipality of Prishtina.

These attacks and this language are unacceptable for AJK, and we invite the Municipality of Pristina to distance itself from these actions and provide an official and institutional response to address the claims that have been raised.