AJK condemns the public intimidation of MP Dimal Basha towards RTK journalist Blerta Foniqi Kabashi


On the day when the Reporters Without Borders report placed Kosovo in its worst position in a decade in terms of media freedom, the ruling party, Vetëvendosje demonstrated in practice the disturbing findings of this report.

Vetevendosje MP Dimal Basha compared the Public Broadcaster, RTK, with the Serbian state television, RTS, when he was asked by journalist Blerta Foniqi Kabashi about the conditioning Kosovo’s membership to the Council of Europe with establishing the Association of Journalists of Kosovo.

To be honest, I see it like every Albanian sees it. At RTS of Serbia, they can be concerned about the Association. At Kosovo’s RTK, it shouldn’t be your concern. Did I explain to you that Kosovo has an
agreement? Why are you raising the topic of whether or not we should agree on the Association? We know what the main topic is
“, Basha said.

AJK commends colleague Foniqi Kabashi for the professionalism shown in the interview with MP Basha, despite his inappropriate behavior.

In this interview, Basha also attacked the Association of Journalists of Kosovo for the work it does to protect journalists and the media.