AJK condemns the threats towards Kallxo.com journalists


The official of the Municipality of Fushë Kosova, Hasime Qyqalla, has tried to intimidate the journalist of KALLXO.com, Behar Mustafa, by initiating criminal prosecution.

This intimidation comes after an investigation by KALLXO.com, which includes her son. Meanwhile, on the same day, she threatened the journalist over the phone that she will initiate a criminal report against him.

The Association of Journalists of Kosovo condemns this attempt to silence the journalist Mustafa, while reminding Mrs.Qyqalla that defamation is decriminalized in Kosovo.

AJK calls on all officials to refrain from such threats and statements toward journalists, because such narratives damage freedom of expression and the foundations of democracy. Furthermore, AJK encourages all colleagues to continue their reporting and not fall prey to such threats.