AJK Elects New Chairperson and Board Members


The Electoral Assembly of the Association of Journalists of Kosovo took place today, resulting in the re-election of Xhemajl Rexha as the Chairperson for another three-year term. Rexha received 161 votes, while his opponent, Mentor Buzhala, received 31 votes.

A new deputy head position has been established under the AJK’s Statute. Naile Dema Selmani from Radio Dukagjini has been elected to this role. She received 95 votes.

Meanwhile, the other members who have been elected are Milot Hasimja from Klan Kosova (95 votes), Florande Morina from T7 (90 votes), Blerta Dalloshi from TV Klan (88 votes), Mehmet Krasniqi from TV Dukagjini (84 votes), Fatlum Jashari from ATV (80 votes), Jehona Hulaj from Telegrafi (73 votes), and Besnik Velija from Gazeta Express (59 votes).

The Association of Journalists of Kosovo would like to thank all the colleagues who took part in today’s Assembly, engaging in discussions and voting on the new Statute of AJK, as well as in the election of the new presidency. We would also like to thank the Central Election Commission – CEC for providing us with the election ballots and voting booths, Uje Rugove for their generous donation of water, and the Kosovo Philharmonic for offering their space for our use.