BIRODI Executive Director: No normal electoral conditions without free media

Source/Author: N1

Bureau for Social Research (BIRODI) Executive Director Zoran Gavrilovic said that there are no normal electoral conditions without free media.

Gavrilovic told Insider TV that the dominant topics on television stations with national coverage are those that suit the political parties in power, while only cable television stations offer diversity.

“If the media do not inform, if they don’t raise questions, analyze, and if there are no questions that are to help the voters decide who they will vote for, in line with their interests, then we have propaganda,” said Gavrilovic.

Comparing the current situation with that prior to the 2022 elections, he said there is practically no difference.

“In the 2012 election campaign we had the Democratic Party and the Serbian Progressive Party, thay had almost equal air time. We had two presidential candidates, who were more or less equally represented, with the same percentage of positive representation. And we had a kind of competition. Today we have one man, with 90 percent of positive representation and a sidelined opposition,” said Gavrilovic.