Brnabic to N1 reporter: You called for violence

Source/Author: N1

Serbian Parliament Speaker Ana Brnabic accused N1 of calling for violence and publishing false news.

Brnabic was asked by an N1 reporter at the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) headquarters on election night whether she would apologize for accusing N1 of beating people up and she replied: “You support the people beating up others and you call for tensions in society”.

“You called for violence all day with claims of parallel lists of voters and illegal call centers,” she said.

Brnabic posted inflammatory remarks on her X profile during Sunday’s local elections, accusing the opposition and media of propagating violence. She accused N1 of making false claims about SNS activists illegally holding lists of voters and working at party call centers used to pressure voters to turn out.

Brnabic denied targeting journalists and lying to the public. “You lie to the people,” she told the N1 reporter. According to her, that causes instability in society “not because of policies but because someone lies to the people”.

Asked why she didn’t condemn the assault on investigative journalists Vuk Cvijic, Brnabic said she didn’t know what happened. “A journalists assaulted a journalst, we don’t know which journalists and you’re the court and judge. You decided that Vuk Cvijic was assaulted, not that he assaulted someone,” she said. Cvijic was assaulted by the CEO of a pro-regime tabloid last week.

Brnabic walked away after being asked how much the SNS call center at the Banjica Sports Center cost.

Source: N1