Camera operator of Betimi për Drejtësi was arrested and escorted by the police


The Association of Journalists of Kosovo is alarmed by the arrest and Police escorting of the camera operator of the media outlet Betimi për Drejtësi (Oath for Justice), Arianit Tahiri.

Tahiri was accompanied by journalist Alberta Hashani, and they were part of the team investigating allegations of office abuse by a couple of prosecutors in Prizren.

Tahiri was filming in a bar when asked to stop by the bar’s staff and a prosecutor who was present. The prosecutor called the police to the bar, and during the wait for their arrival, Tahiri was physically restrained by the staff, which is unlawful. Upon the police’s arrival, they confiscated Tahiri’s phone, which is considered a working tool, and took him to the police station in Prizren to provide a statement.

The Association of Journalists of Kosovo strongly condemns Police behavior and calls for Tahiri’s immediate release, the return of his work tools, and public explanations for the incident.