Civil launches “Free Media for a Free Society” project

Source/Photo: Civil

SKOPJE 07.08.2017 – CIVIL – Center for Freedom has the honor to announce the start of the project “Free Media for a Free Society”, financed by the Federal Foreign Office of the Federal Republic of Germany. With this project, CIVIL will contribute in several complex areas in the difficult period of transition and democratization of the society and the state.

With an experienced team, solidified during the years of challenge, a free and secure space for a dynamic exchange of information will be created and articulated, along with views and analysis that will be offered to the public and institutions. At the same time, the project will provide great contribution to the political and social dialogue, to the strengthening of freedom of expression and media literacy of citizens. The political culture will be enriched with contents for civic education and defense of human rights and freedoms, including the right to vote Skopje, July 13, 2017, signing of the grant agreement: Xhabir Deralla, CIVIL and H.E. d-r Christine D. Althauser, Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany

Free media are the basic precondition for a free society, as only a free society can create a media space in which information and views are free from corruption and pressure imposed by power centers. In those two directions – liberation and decontamination of media space and encouraging citizens to take part in free society building, CIVIL will be implementing this complex and dynamic project.

“Free Media for a Free Society” is yet another project that fully reflects the character of CIVIL, which will be permanently active and will create a completely independent media platform that will serve as a public resource for the media, civil society organizations and all active citizens. CIVIL’s team is already working on expanding the network of collaborators from around the country, and according to the implementation plan, it will carry out 88 events and field activities, in addition to the everyday media production.

Source: Civil