CJA condemns police physical attack against index.hr portal journalist

Source/Author: CJA
Source/Photo: Index

SPLIT, 11.10.2017. – The Croatian Journalists Association condemns physical attack of Split Police against Index.hr portal journalist Drago Miljuš. The attack happened yesterday.

Drago Miljuš was covering the story of police intervention at the Colored Beach in Split standing at the public facility, outside police lines. He was covering the situation of a person who threatened to make suicide by bomb. Unfortunately, after some time the person came through with his intention.

One of policemen present started to drive off the journalist, first verbally then pushing him away and he threw his mobile phone into the sea. Then another one, special police force member, hit the journalist in the head and knocked him down.

Drago Miljuš asked for medical assistance after the attack.

CJA wants to remind again that it has been asking for the Police to inform general public about results of numerous reports about threats and attacks against journalists. We wanted the public to know are these reports even seriously considered by the Police. But it was all in vain. Instead of publishing this information we have been witnessing lately that the same Police verbally and even physically attack journalists at work.

CJA insists the case of Drago Miljuš to be quickly investigated and adequately punished. And results about all other reported attacks against journalists to be published.


Saša Leković, CJA for the CJA Executive Board