CJA strongly condemns physical attack against NOVA TV crew and calls again for proper authorities to protect journalists

Source/Author: HND
Source/Photo: Dnevnik.hr

ZAGREB, 19.09.2017. – On Saturday, September 16, in Veliki Pašijan near Garešnica, Nova TV reporter Ema Branica, cameraman Alan Novak and his assistant Goran Jaganjac were physically attacked while shooting.

Brother of the person of interest of TV crew threatened and offended crew members and physically attacked Ema Branica, the journalist. She landed in a ditch and nearly bumped her head against concrete wall. The same person then attacked cameraman trying to break his camera.

According to „Provjereno“ show newsroom that was second attack against NOVA TV crew in last ten days. The first one occurred in Pula where Mate Barišić, NOVA TV journalist, was attacked and threatened by breaking his camera.

CJA calls again for proper institutions to protect journalists by publicly stating that attacks against journalists while doing their jobs constitute serious offence and will be penalized accordingly.

Saša Leković, CJA president for CJA Executive Board