CJA: The goal of the “Law of Dangerous Intentions” is to intimidate journalists and create a dangerous precedent; protest also in Split

Source/Author: CJA
Source/Photo: CJA

The Croatian Journalists’ Association (CJA) is calling on all parliamentary representatives not to accept and reject the “Law of Dangerous Intentions,” which will be protested against on January 31, not only in Zagreb at St. Mark’s Square but simultaneously in Split, in front of the Croatian National Theater, as announced today at the CJA press conference held near the fence at Ćirilometodska Street on St. Mark’s Square.

Dusan Miljuš, President of the Judicial Reporters’ Section of CJA, emphasized that there was no need for amendments to the Criminal Code because existing provisions and regulations already provide solutions and sanctions for those who disclose information. Miljuš added that about ten days ago, he requested a response from the Ministry of Justice regarding which countries have such legal provisions, as they claim.

– However, I did not receive a concrete answer, except for the usual formulation that other countries have it, and they also penalize journalists. This is primarily a law that intimidates not only journalists, and it is a potentially very dangerous practice. If such a Criminal Code is adopted, the work of journalists covering judicial proceedings will be hindered, if not impossible. There are numerous examples of scandals, such as Fimi Media, which would not have been exposed if they were not reported in the newspapers.

CJA President Hrvoje Zovko reiterated that this is an act of aggression against the journalistic profession and public interest.

– I have read these days that some coalition partners of the HDZ did not understand what it was about, and we sent them our comments on the law eight days ago. We hope they will familiarize themselves with what is happening and reject voting for this law of dangerous intentions. CJA has also sent a letter to the Commissioner of the European Commission for Justice informing him of everything that is happening.

Zovko also commented on the green light given by Prime Minister Andrej Plenković and the Government for the appointment of Ivan Turudić as the Chief State Attorney, emphasizing that he is a fervent supporter of “Lex AP,” as the amendments to the Criminal Code have been called in public. In the past, Turudić has also been criticized for his behavior in legal proceedings against journalists.

– We will continue to oppose “Lex AP,” and this protest is not the final act. We call on all colleagues to continue publishing information that is of public interest. CJA will always stand by them and protect their rights in all situations, Zovko emphasized.