Coalition for Media Freedom: Without Free media, There is No Freedom of Choice

Source/Author: IJAS

The Coalition for Media Freedom calls on citizens of Serbia to support journalists and media professionals and resist the suppression of media freedoms in order to protect their civil rights and freedoms.

Today, on World Media Freedom Day, May 3, we warn the public that the suppression of free media in Serbia, as well as the constant exposure to pressure, threats and the public profile of journalists who work in the public interest – represent a serious threat to the freedom of every individual.

We are already living the consequences of the long-term collapse of media freedoms, and they are reflected in the tabloidization of public speech, the normalization of violence and hate speech, propagandistic information that narrows the electoral rights of citizens, but also in the degradation of the health and education system, the rights of workers, and endangering the safety of citizens.

The systematic destruction of the fundamental democratic values ​​on which modern civilized societies rest can only be stopped by the resistance of citizens.

Imposing unanimity instead of democratic participation of citizens, stronger rules instead of the rule of law, propaganda instead of information in the interest of the public… is only possible if we allow it as a society.

Promoters of violence today openly call for the lynching of journalists and all those who dare to think freely. If the citizens don’t oppose it, tomorrow there really won’t be anyone to report about it when they knock on their door.

That is why the fight for free media concerns all of us. Whether the society will choose freedom or subjugation depends on that response of the citizens.

We appeal to citizens to resist the normalization of violence and not allow their freedom and their right to democratic institutions to be subordinated to the interests of political thugs.

The World Press Freedom Day on May 3 was established by the decision of the United Nations General Assembly as a reminder to the governments of all countries that they are obliged to respect and support the right to freedom of expression guaranteed by Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.


Coalition for Media Freedom

Belgrade, May 3, 2024