Source/Author: CJA
Source/Photo: Our Daily Sexism

An informal network combating sexism in the media and advertising industry has collected over 830 sexist articles in Croatian media in just two months. The Network, established on March 8th, stated that sexual objectification of women is the most common form of sexism, identified in 358 articles. This was followed by derogatory and trivializing reporting on the appearance or behavior of women, noted in 245 articles. The next most common category is the promotion and reinforcement of gender stereotypes, observed in 108 articles, followed by the reproduction and perpetuation of gender stereotypes regarding victims of gender-based violence in 91 articles. There are also misogynistic or hate speech articles, as well as homo/bi/transphobic articles, of which 31 were listed.

The informal network found the highest number of problematic articles on, followed by,, and Slobodna Dalmacija.

“Considering that the media are the main creators of public opinion, we can conclude that such reporting greatly contributes to gender inequality, humiliates women, and reduces them to (sexual) objects intended for male gaze. Unethical and insensitive reporting on gender-based violence supports violence, while the promotion of gender stereotypes through media articles contributes to ‘reducing’ women to traditionally gendered roles solely as mothers and homemakers, secondary and subordinate to men,” the Network stated, warning that such reporting by the media violates laws and codes to earn clicks at the expense of women’s bodies and lives.

Although the Network has repeatedly reported various media to the authorities, most editorial boards ignore the warnings and recommendations and continue with misogynistic reporting practices.

The informal network consists of the Center for Civic Initiatives Poreč, Center for Social Development, Research and Innovation – INOVA, Women’s Group Karlovac “Step”, Association “Sofia”, Association of Rainbow Families, SOS Rijeka – Center for Nonviolence and Human Rights, Nansen Dialogue Center Osijek, Center for Women’s Studies, Association ZUM, Association “HERA” Križevci, Center for Support and Development of Civil Society “DELFIN”, and the Croatian Youth Network as a supporting member. The Network announced that it will continue to monitor the media and advocate for stricter sanctions against those who repeatedly violate laws and codes.

The Network was established during the implementation of the project “Our Daily Sexism.” The project is implemented by the Center for Civic Initiatives Poreč in partnership with the Croatian Journalists’ Association and the Icelandic Women’s Human Rights Organization Kvenréttindafélag Íslands, funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway through the Active Citizens Fund under the EEA Grants in the amount of 89,812.51 euros.

Source: CJA