Dangerous campaign with manipulated image against journalists


Berat Buzhala, Bekim Kabashi, and Lavdim Hamidi have become targets of manipulated images, which are being exposed on social networks this afternoon.

Buzhala’s manipulated image has been created in a way that supposedly appears as if the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, reposted a tweet by Buzhala, stating that he is one of the best Kosovar journalists. Meanwhile, Serbian flags with the inscriptions “Vucic’s greyhound” and “Bravo brother” (implying that this is how the Serbian President addresses the two journalists) have been placed on the heads of Kabashi and Hamidi.

Such a campaign is highly dangerous and exposes journalists and their families to online attacks.

Association of Journalists of Kosovo calls for an end to such denigrating campaigns so that the media can exercise their profession without hindrance.