Death Threats Towards Journalist Vullnet Krasniqi


The Association of Journalists of Kosovo is alarmed after journalist Vullnet Krasniqi received death threats today.

Krasniqi received a death threat from a resident of the Preshevo Valley, as seen in a video posted on TikTok.

“I’m in Pristina, I will pull your teeth with pliers, f ***your family, I will pull a bullet to you, I know the exact address of your apartment, don’t go to your village, don’t call the police,” the person can be heard saying in the video.

AJK has reached out to journalist Krasniqi, who has stated that he is currently in the process of reporting the threat to the Kosovo Police.

At AJK, we are very much troubled about the threat made against journalist Krasniqi. This situation is alarming and needs to be addressed. We urge the Kosovo Police to take the necessary steps to locate the person responsible for the threat against Krasniqi.

We are deeply concerned about Krasniqi’s physical safety, so we urge Kosovo Police to provide him with the necessary protection.