Due to threats to Nova TV journalist Tito Grubić sentenced to 10 months in prison

Source/Author: [:en]Dnevnik.hr[:]
Source/Photo: [:en]Nova TV[:]

ZAGREB, 09.01.2017. – Tito Gubić has been sentenced to 10 months in prison (sentence not final) because of threatening the ‘Provjereno’ reporter Ema Branica.

During shooting TV report on September 28 last year Tito Gubić threatened the reporter MS Ema Branica saying: „You will end like Ivo Pukanić“, late owner of Nacional weekly. Pukanić was murdered in car explosion in October 2008.

The Croatian Journalists’ Association (CJA) condemned the threats too and called the relevant institutions to react quickly and in course of their official duties.

Ema Branica exposed Tito who, impersonating a female, had signed a contract with psychologically unstable old man about life support and about life partnership just one hour before old man was taken to hospital in state of coma. He died soon after that and Tito became the owner of three floors building in Zagreb, Dubrava.