Former Belgrade mayor refuses to answer questions from N1

Source/Author: N1

The head of the temporary authority in Belgrade and former mayor Aleksandar Sapic said that he has stopped all communication with TV N1 and has no intention of continuing it.

During his visit to Mladenovac, Sapic refused to answer the questions of the N1 journalist who was present, saying that „seven days before the election, he stopped communication“ with N1 and that he does not intend to continue it.

“It would be best if we cut off that communication in the best possible way,“ said Sapic.

Sapic said during his visit that there will be no secret agreements during the formation of the government in Belgrade and that he will announce everything he knows regarding that topic publicly, before the constituent session of the Belgrade Assembly, most likely on February 19.

Sapic’s Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) won the most votes in the December 17 elections in Belgrade, but not enough mandates to form a government without one of the opposition parties.

However, the opposition, led by the pro-European coalition „Serbia against violence“, says that the elections were stolen and presented evidence that people from Republika Srpska, the Serb-majority entity in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and other cities in Serbia were fictitiously registered in the capital so they can vote for the SNS there.

Source: N1