Intimidation of QIKA journalists


The Association of Journalists of Kosovo has received with concern information from colleagues at QIKA about the ongoing disturbing messages and visits they have received from a teacher (whose name is known to us) regarding a news story published in November of last year.

In an email sent to AJK, QIKA informed about an alleged case of sexual harassment at the “Nazmi Zhegrova” school in the village of Stanoc i Ulët in the Municipality of Vushtrri. The case was initially reported by and then republished by QIKA, referencing the source without revealing the identity of the teacher involved.

On February 26, 2024, the teacher who was accused of sexual harassment by a student wrote messages on QIKA’s social networks. He asked QIKA to remove the news about this case because, according to him, it was slander. The same person has constantly called, and written messages on our social networks, as well as in emails. On March 4, 2024, he came to our offices, disturbing the QIKA staff with his request to remove the news, referring to a decision of the Directorate of Education in Vushtrri, which, according to him, exonerates him. Last night, on March 12, 2024, he again wrote a message on the social network Instagram, saying, “Don’t force me to visit you again.. Did you understand me?”, It is stated in the email addressed to AJK.

The Association of Journalists of Kosovo sees QIKA staff’s continuous contact and visits to editorial offices to be direct pressure on journalists’ work and a form of intimidation. As a result, AJK calls upon the teacher in question to stop disturbing the QIKA staff and, if needed, file a complaint with online media self-regulatory organizations.

AJK is calling on the Kosovo Police to prioritize this case so that journalists can carry out their work without hindrance or intimidation.