Journalist attacked again in Bijelo Polje

Source/Photo: Jadranka Cetkovic/Vijesti

BIJELO POLJE, 18.06.2022 – Jadranka Cetkovic, journalists od daily Vijesti, was attacked again in front of the building of the High Court in Bijelo Polje, while she was on a work assignment.

She was attacked by Elvis Palavrtic, who, with swearing and insults, ran towards Cetkovic while photographing him.

He was later arrested on suspicion of committing the crime of coercion to the detriment of a journalist.

The incident happened after the closing arguments in the retrial were completed, in which Palavrtic, Dragan Akovic, Sead Kurpejovic, Albin Hot, Dragoljub Davidovic, Elfad Kurpejovic and Emil Cirikovic were held accountable for criminal association and unauthorized production, possession and distribution of narcotics.

After the trial, the journalist left the courtroom, and then took a position in front of the building of the High Court to photograph the accused.

“While lawyer Markovic and his client Davidovic were going out, they stopped and posed for me to take photos of them. At the same time, several people stood at the top of the stairs, including Palavrtic. He stopped, then hurried toward me as I photographed him. At that moment, he said to me in a threatening tone: ‘Don’t film, a ** one. What are you filming, ***? What are you recording? ‘, And he uttered other curses and insults. As he said this he spread his arms towards me. Then I thought he was going to hit me, because he walked towards me with his arms outstretched,” said Cetkovic.

She also told the inspector that she felt great fear, because none of the dozen people present reacted to protect her.

Cetkovic was attacked in the same place in mid-April – then Amel Zejnilovic from Bijelo Polje first verbally attacked the journalist, and then tried to steal her phone.

The Police Administration (PA) announced that “a person was arrested who attacked the journalist of the Independent Daily Vijesti in Bijelo Polje”.

“Yesterday in Bijelo Polje, Jadranka Cetkovic, a journalist from the Independent Daily Vijesti, was reported to the police that E.P. (35) verbally attacked her and insulted her in front of the Bijelo Polje High Court. Police officers gathered information from the journalist and informed the competent prosecutor.”

The PA added that “by taking further measures and actions in cooperation with the police officers from Plav, information regarding the event was collected by E.P.””

“Due to the suspicion that he committed the crime of coercion, E.P. was deprived of liberty on the order of the acting prosecutor, and he will be brought to the Basic State Prosecutor’s Office in Bijelo Polje for further jurisdiction within the legal deadline,” the PA said.