Journalist Herolind Ademi receives death threats


The editors of the show KIKS Kosova in Klan Kosova have informed AJK about a threat made to journalist Herolind Ademi regarding his ongoing investigation into IPTV piracy.

B.B. has sent multiple threatening messages to Ademi regarding the investigative report in which he is mentioned.

Here are some of the disturbing messages:

“Listen up, man. I’m warning you to stay inside. Lock yourself indoors because I happen to know exactly where you live. If you continue to talk about me and refuse to mind your own business, you’ll regret it”.

AJK is deeply concerned and finds this individual’s message to the journalist completely unacceptable and extremely dangerous.

The editorial office has reported the case to the Kosovo Police. Therefore, the AJK requests the Police to promptly address the situation and take all necessary actions to ensure the journalist’s safety.

In addition, it is important for the justice authority to fulfill their responsibilities in order to ensure that the journalist and the editorial staff can carry on with their work without any interruptions.