The latest disgrace of RTV: SNS more present on RTV than on TV Pink

Source/Author: [:en]Autonomija [:rs]Autonomija [:]
Source/Photo: [:en]Novi Sad School of Journalism [:rs]Novosadka novinarska škola[:]

NOVI SAD, 09.02.2017. – A research conducted from 1 to 7 February 2016 by the Novi Sad School of Journalism shows that Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) is dominating primetime news program on the first channel of Radio Television of Vojvodina (RTV). It was compared to Radio Television of Serbia (RTS), TV Pink and TV N1.

SNS officials dominated RTV prime time news Dnevnik with an 84% representation against 12% given to representatives of other ruling parties and 4% to the opposition.

With 74%, TV Pink’s news program National Dnevnik follows, while representatives of other ruling parties were present with a share of 18% and the opposition with 8%.

With the prime time RTS news program Dnevnik, the ratio is 76% to 23% to 10% in SNS favor, against other ruling parties and the opposition.

In the Dnevnik of TV N1, the representatives of the SNS were represented with 50%, other ruling party with 6%, and the opposition party with 44 %.

RTV2, which broadcasts in the languages of national minorities, SNS is represented with 39%, other ruling party with 21% and the opposition with 40%.