Linglong security prevents N1 crew from reporting on strike

Source/Author: N1

An N1 TV crew was once again disrupted while reporting on the strike of Vietnamese workers in the Linglong company.

When the crew approached the building in which Linglong workers are accommodated, a private security guard first told them to pack their camera and, once they refused, he insisted that they not film the building, said an N1 reporter.

A man of Asian origin who is, judging by his helmet and clothes presumed to be one of the Chinese managers, then approached them very close and filmed the reporter, the cameraman and the N1 crew vehicle.

The Vietnamese workers at the Linglong construction site are still on strike. They earlier told N1 that they were hungry and that they have not been paid for two months.

The Chinese management said they would be paid all arrears by July 5, when they will be sent back to Vietnam.

Source: N1