Media Literacy Days 2023


The sixth edition of Media Literacy Days, organized by the Agency for Electronic Media and the UNICEF Office for Croatia, in collaboration with numerous partners and with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Media and the Ministry of Science and Education, will take place from April 24th to April 30th, 2023, with activities extending into the weeks before and after, as announced on the portal.

The main goals of the project are to raise public awareness about the importance of media literacy and critical thinking about media content, to provide opportunities for media education for as many citizens as possible, especially children and youth, and to support teachers and educators by providing educational materials for the development of media literacy.

The portal, which serves as the main communication platform for Media Literacy Days, already offers 32 educational materials and 20 video lessons, which have been downloaded over 850,000 times since the release of the first materials in 2018, with new educational materials soon to be published.

Numerous kindergartens, schools, universities, libraries, cinemas, media companies, associations, and other institutions regularly participate in the project by organizing lectures, workshops, film screenings, panel discussions, and other activities aimed at promoting media literacy – both in-person and online. Find out how to get involved, and if you are organizing your own event, submit it to us via the form so that we can announce it in the Events Schedule, which will soon be published on the portal.

This year, the slogan of Media Literacy Days is “In Balance – Online and Offline,” with a focus on the impact of media and social networks on the mental health of children and youth, the issue of misinformation, and the importance of critical thinking and media education.

In line with this, the theme of the film competition organized by the Agency for Electronic Media, UNICEF, and the Croatian Film Association as part of Media Literacy Days this year is “Relationships and Friendships – Online and Offline.” Young authors – primary and secondary school students, or their mentors – can submit films until April 7th.