Montenegro: 35 portals registered


PODGORICA, 15.08.2018. – A total number of 35 electronic publications, or portals, were registered in Montenegro until July 2018.

In addition to news portals, websites of some non-governmental organizations can also be seen among registered publications on the website of the Agency for Electronic Media (AEM).

Electronic publications, or portals, have been registered since the beginning of 2016, after the Agency for Electronic Media (AEM) passed the Rulebook on Electronic Publications, which, among other things, defines the ways of their establishment.

It is considered that the number of active portals in Montenegro is much higher, but they do not suffer sanctions if they aren’t registered.

The Working Group for the drafting of the Media Law was also dealing with this issue, which envisaged new forms of registration and establishment of the portal.

SMCG, Podgorica, 15/08/2018